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7.  Avoid Timeouts. They create more misbehavior. Timeouts, while infinitely better than hitting, are just another version of punishment by banishment and humiliation. They leave kids alone to manage their tangled-up emotions, so they undermine emotional intelligence.  They erode, rather than strengthening, your relationship with your child. They set up a power struggle. And they only work while you're bigger. They're a more humane form of bullying than physical discipline. Click here for more information on why Timeouts don't work.
8. Consequences teach the wrong lesson if you're involved in creating them. On the face of it, Consequences make sense: The child does (or doesn't do) something, and learns from the consequences. Which, when it happens naturally, can be a terrific learning experience. But most of the time, parents engineer the consequences, and enforce the time out, so that any child can explain to you that consequences are actually punishment. Click here for more information on why Consequences don't work.

NPR: A Gut-Punch Of Sadness In James Joyce's 'Dubliners'

A Gut-Punch Of Sadness In James Joyce's 'Dubliners'

Kevin Maher is the author of The Fields, which comes out in the U.S in August. I don't know why we did Dubliners when we did. We were 12, some of us g...

Source: http://www.npr.org/2013/07/21/198068094/a-gut-punch-of-sadness-in-james-joyces-dubliners?ft=3&f=1008

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