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A Vegan Pope? It's Not as Far-Fetched as it First Sounds

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This is not just wishful thinking. After all, back in 2002, when Pope Benedict XVI was still known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was asked the following question: "Are we allowed to make use of animals, and even to eat them?" His reply:

"That is a very serious question. At any rate, we can see that they are given into our care, that we cannot just do whatever we want with them. Animals, too, are God's creatures. Certainly, a sort of industrial use of creatures, so that geese are fed in such a way as to produce as large a liver as possible, or hens live so packed together that they become just caricatures of birds, this degrading of living creatures to a commodity seems to me in fact to contradict the relationship of mutuality that comes across in the Bible."--

By Mickey Z.
Astoria, NY, USA | Fri Dec 25, 2009 11:35 AM ET

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