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Speech is conveniently located...

Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both.
John Andrew Holmes, "
Wisdom in Small Doses"

About E-Readers

Since I got my Kindle I am reading far more, and reading a far more diverse selection of books than ever before. So if you are concerned with getting more people reading, then e-books are a great technology. I am not against regular books, though I do wish their paper came from hemp, or recycled rags, and not trees. But that aside, I love books. My problem with books is that I love them more than my physical abilities will permit their indulgence; I have a bad back, and so the number of books on my Kindle - now over 114 - would be impossible if they were in their traditional paper format.

The recent news about WalMart's plans to slash prices on books affects only a few titles, and not ones that I have any interest in reading, like Sara Palin's memoir, so this appears to be an attempt to drive traffic to their new website more than a serious threat for traditional publishing to sweat about.