Women in Love
by D. H. Lawrence

The hyperkinetic emotional and psychological energy that informs characters actions becomes a constant element in the narration and dialog. It is stream of consciousness, on one hand, and a rant on the other. But it cannot be reduced to just a rant. It is a novel with plot, character development, climax, and denouement, but it has another aspect unique among any other novels by any other author I have ever read: it effects a subconsious upwelling via occult methods.

Lawrence uses repetition, strings of adjectives and modifiers, and intense focus on revealing denied powerful emotions in the characters to effect a catharsis in the reader. He is rumored to have been a student of mystical texts, the Cabala in particular, for word formulas to bring about certain states of mind in the reader. He is effective.

I read it and immediately had profound realizations about my relationship with my partner, and gained deep insight into how we use close emotional relationships to work out out own issues.

The novel is a work of genius, to me. To some it is just annoying.

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